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Theatre Office Natori is a production company headed by Toshiyuki Natori. It has been producing theatrical plays, contemporary dance, film and other performances. In recent years Theatre Office Natori has produced a series of Ibsenfs plays directed by Dr. Mitsuya Mori, Japanfs leading Ibsen scholar and also a stage director. So far the Office has produced An Enemy of the People, A Dollfs House, Ghosts, Rosmersholm, The Lady from the Sea, Hedda Gabler, The Master Builder, Double Nora (based on A Dollfs House) , Resurrection Day (based on When We Dead Awaken) and John Gabriel Borkman. These Ibsen productions have been highly acclaimed in Japan as ga new Ibsenh, that is, a clear interpretation and innovative expression of actuality of Ibsenfs modern plays. An Enemy of the People (1999), The Lady from the Sea (2003) and Hedda Gabler (2004) were all included in the gThree best productions of the monthh selection of Teatro, a monthly theatre magazine in Tokyo.

The production Double Nora, a Noh style version of Ibsenfs A Dollfs House toured in Stockholm, Skien, Bergen, and London in 2005 and was thereafter invited to Oslofs International Ibsen Festival in 2006, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Ibsen's death. The performance received enthusiastic response from both theatre critics and general audiences. In 2009 Double Nora was performed in Vienna and Budapest, and it continues to receive invitations for performance from all over the world. Another production of gIbsen in Noh style,h Resurrection Day, based on Ibsenfs last play, When We Dead Awaken. Premiered in 2008, it has been performed in Japan and Indonesia.

In 2009 Theatre Office Natori started another production series - a selection of modern Russian plays in cooperation with Maly Theatre in Moscow.

In November 2010 the Office is organized the first International Ibsen Festival Tokyo, which presented exciting performances by The National Theater of Norway An Enemy of the People, The Deutsches Theater in Berlin The Wild Duck, Vietnam Youth Theatre A Dollfs House, and Theatre Office Natorifs own production Resurrection Day. The 1st International Ibsen Festival Tokyo was a great success.

In cooperation with The National Theatre of Norway, this new Festival is planned to be held every three years.

Theatre Office Natori started the Minoru Betsuyaku International Exchange series in 2009. Betsuyaku is one of Japanfs foremost playwrights. The first production, Sick, went on tour to Moscow and Paris in spring 2010. The second production of the series was Reception (2010).

The third production,uGodot Has Comevwas performed in Paris and Berlin in 2012 , Dublin , Moscow and Sibiu in 2014.

gThe International Ibsen festival Tokyoh

Toshiyuki Natori is the chief producer of Theatre Office Natori and NPO SATGE 21. NPO STAGE 21 have held gThe International Ibsen festival Tokyoh every 3 years. The next one is planned in 2016.



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